Ignatian Directors

Individual Experience

Spiritual Directors for the Ignatian Exercises are seasoned spiritual directors who have been trained to accompany others through the 19th and 18th Annotations. The seasoned Spiritual Directors listed below have all completed a 2-year spiritual director training, and an additional year of training to accompany individuals in the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius. Please note that each of these directors are able to meet via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.

Picture of Stacey Charonnat

Stacey Charonnat

Picture of Dan Kane

Dan Kane

Picture of Lainie Elander

Lainie Elander

Picture of Mike Harder

Mike Harder

Picture of Sherri Harder

Sherri Harder

Picture of Carrie Myers

Carrie Myers

Picture of Carolyn Herbert

Carolyn Herbert

Picture of Deborah Scott

Deborah Scott

Picture of Rachel Conner

Rachel Conner

Picture of Renae Norwood

Renae Norwood

Picture of Suhail Stephen

Suhail Stephen