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Spiritual Direction is a form of pastoral care that helps a believer grow in communion with God. The spiritual director offers thoughtful questions, observations, and room for reflection and prayer, all for the sake of the directee. This “sacred space” helps directees grow in communion with God by noticing their lives, naming how God is present and active, and choosing how to respond to God’s loving overtures.

Our Spiritual Directors

Are you a pastor, ministry leader or missionary? If so, we have a network of experienced spiritual directors who are well-equipped to accompany you. In fact, our Affiliate spiritual directors have discerned a specific call to serve you. They have compassion for the demands and pressures you face, along with the training and experience to support you in your pursuit of spiritual health and vitality. But whether you’re a leader or layperson, you can connect with one of Sustainable Faith’s spiritual directors.

Suggestions for Finding a Spiritual Director

We’d love to help you find a compatible spiritual director. As you work to find a good fit, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Inquire within your own circles. Maybe a pastor, ministry leader or friend already knows of a spiritual director in your area who is aligned with your faith tradition or present needs.
  • Meet with a 2-3 directors for a quick phone call or coffee. Invest 30 minutes to get a sense of the director’s personality, style of direction, life experience and training.
  • Pray. Ask God to guide your choice as you discern and then choose.

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