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“I love my Sustainable Faith community more than I can ever express. [Through this experience] I’ve been broken open, laid bare, become more competent, more giving, more open-hearted, wiser and better able to look deep into people.”
(From Laura B., NYC, at the end of Year 2 in the School of Spiritual Direction)

USD Donations

We make it convenient to give $USD through Network for Good, our online giving platform.

Bitcoin Donations

Bitcoin is the world’s first internet-native, fully transparent, peer-to-peer, decentralized, censorship-resistant, non-fiat form of money. And it’s a marvelous way to give. Currently only about 3-4% of churches and nonprofits (E.g., United Way, the Red Cross, No Kid Hungry, Save the Children, Heifer International) have opened the door to this form of giving, but in time it will become commonplace.

As with stock donations, when you transfer Bitcoin to a nonprofit, you pay no capital gains tax and can write off the full amount of the donation (provided you’ve held it for at least a year). An additional benefit to the nonprofit is that over time Bitcoin has shown enormous growth — it’s by far the best-performing asset of the last decade — creating capacity for endowments and expansion of mission.

If you know the ropes, you can use the appropriate receiving address below to donate. But if you need or want someone to guide you, email us: info at sustainable faith com

Bitcoin (BTC) Receiving Address

Stock Donations

Gifts of stock are an easy way to support the work of nonprofits you care about. Additionally, you can take advantage of solid tax incentives. (Check with your broker or financial advisor for details about benefits.) Simply use the information below to transfer stocks to Sustainable Faith. Once done, please email our administrator (janice at sustainablefaith dot com) with the ticker symbol and number of shares you gave. Our broker doesn’t alert us when shares have been received, so please let us know when you’ve initiated the transfer.

Receiving Firm Name Schwab
Receiving Firm DTC Number   0164
Account Name Sustainable Faith
EIN 26-1451153
Account Number 95835808