Supervision Training



Our fully online supervision training is an expertly guided year-long cohort learning experience marked by solid instruction, rich discussions, and individual oversight.

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What is supervision?

Supervision entails the practice of reflecting contemplatively on one’s work as a spiritual director, noticing interior movements and the action of God in the context of a specific session. The supervisor is an experienced spiritual director specifically trained to assist in this contemplative and evocative process. In the words of author Mary Rose Bumpus, “Supervision is a conversation between peers that ultimately fosters the wellbeing of the absent other.”      

Why is supervision important?

The short answer: Spiritual directors are humans and, as such, are NOT detached observers.  In companioning others on their journey with God, spiritual directors encounter painful stories and situations, a plethora of complex issues, intense emotions, unanswerable questions, moral dilemmas and more. They are deeply affected by what they hear – in helpful and unhelpful ways – and need a place to explore their inner movements and resulting responses in a safe, confidential space. 

The bottom line: Supervision helps spiritual directors grow in self-awareness, self-understanding and interior freedom which leads to an expanded capacity to be present and attentive to those they serve. 

Additionally, many professional networks and associations include regular supervision as a “best practice” for spiritual directors.

Why train with us?

At Sustainable Faith, our hands-on, cohort-style of learning has made us one of the leading trainers of spiritual directors in the United States and beyond. We bring the same time-tested, learn-by-doing stance to our Supervision training: Small class sizes, relevant reading, evocative learning, and an emphasis on group and individual practice in an environment of mutual support and personal instruction.


Minimum 3 years spiritual direction experience and 150 sessions post-graduation; regular rhythm of receiving spiritual direction and supervision.

Our three-component training model:

Two-day Opening Teaching Module:

The combination of instruction, demonstrations, guided exercises, discussion, and practicums offer a firm foundation in Supervision using a contemplative, evocative model.

Fieldwork & Six Individual Supervision / Consultation Sessions

In between modules, students “practice” on two to three spiritual directors, reviewing six of these sessions in one-on-one consultations with two mentor-trainers. Combined with classroom time, each student will receive oversight on a total of 8-10 supervision sessions.

Two-day Final Teaching Module

More instruction, reflection, discussion, practicums, as well as ethical and practical considerations of a Supervision practice.