School of Ignatian Spirituality



Sustainable Faith presently offers two formation opportunities in Ignatian Spirituality. The first is to experience the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius for yourself in either the 9-month form (called the 19th Annotation) or the shortened 10-12 week form (called the 18th Annotation). The second opportunity, open to seasoned spiritual directors, is to undergo training to accompany others through the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius.

Experience the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius!

Whether you go through the 9-month form of the Exercises (19th Annotation) or the shorter 10 week form (18th Annotation), we have seasoned spiritual directors ready to accompany you through this transformative journey! Currently, you can be guided through the 18th Annotation individually or in a group.

You’ll receive daily Scripture passages for meditation along with additional readings on key Ignatian themes and prayer practices. With weekly guidance from an Ignatian spiritual director, your awareness of God’s love and movement in your daily life will grow considerably.

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Learn to Lead Others Through the Exercises!

If you’re a seasoned spiritual director with a desire to accompany others through the Spiritual Exercises, we can provide the formative training you need. Although directing someone through the Spiritual Exercises has commonalities with more traditional spiritual direction, there are also very distinct differences. This training will cover those differences. You’ll be grounded in Ignatian spirituality, understand the movements & spiritual dynamics of each “week”, learn to work with directees, and grow in your ability to handle the specific challenges and opportunities they face.

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