School of Contemplative Life



SCL is a leisurely yet substantial introduction to the Christian contemplative tradition and the practices that support it. It’s an easy and hospitable entry point that launches a powerful faith trajectory.

Christian discipleship programs abound, and the undeniable truth about most of them is their focus on knowing more and doing more. They have their place, to be sure. But when all your years of knowing and doing leave you fundamentally unchanged and still thirsty, what then? And what do you do with that interior ache, that little flame of hope for something more closely matching the “living waters” and the “abundant life” Jesus promised?

If this describes you, you’re not alone. Many ardent followers of Jesus eventually find themselves in this very spot. Privately, they often feel there’s no room in the church to admit that inner dissatisfaction. If they did, they’d anticipate (usually correctly) the standard comeback: “You just need to pray harder, read your Bible more, be faithful in attendance, keep giving, recite the promises of God, have more faith, join a ministry group, etc.” The subtext is: “It’s your problem and you just need to try a little (or a lot) harder.”

But what if it’s not your problem? And what if trying harder isn’t the solution? To the contrary, what if growing an authentic, intimate, rich and sustainable spiritual life in God is about taking a very different kind of journey?

We believe you can take that different journey. We believe you can experience a growing vibrancy and depth in your walk with God. Experiencing the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-stewardship) can be normal. We’ve taken that journey ourselves, and we’ve created a way for you to begin. It’s called the School of Contemplative Life. This leisurely-paced yet substantial introduction to contemplative life will deepen your communion with the Trinity, broaden your perspective of the spiritual life, uncover your God-given desires, provide you with life-giving rhythms, grow you in self-awareness, bring about inner healing, sharpen your discernment, and lead you toward a greater sense of purpose. That’s a lot, and it’s completely within your reach.

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