Spiritual Directors



Sustainable Faith Affiliates is an online listing of seasoned Spiritual Directors devoted to the formation of Christian leaders. 


Sustainable Faith Affiliates is a network of seasoned spiritual directors who can serve as a pastoral care resource to pastors, missionaries and other Christian leaders. These directors have discerned a specific call to be a resource to leaders and are working to create a spiritually healthy culture among leaders and their communities. They have compassion for the demands and pressures pastors and leaders face, along with the training and experience to support them in the pursuit of spiritual health and vitality.

Sustainable Faith Affiliates is a listing of spiritual directors who:

  • Meet our stated requirements and ethical guidelines
  • Complete a significant screening and acceptance process
  • Share our theological and professional values.

Affiliate members provide biographical information and are contacted directly for scheduling and payment arrangements.

Affiliate Requirements

  • Completed a two-year certificate (or comparable) training program in spiritual direction.
  • Log at least 120 individual spiritual direction sessions after graduating from a training program. Log doesn’t have to be date/time of session but include pertinent info without identifying the directee. We are looking for a good bandwidth of experience including variety in directees, some leaders, some longevity, For example: Male, 30s, associate pastor, meeting since January 2017, 30 sessions.  Female, 50, student, one-time at a conference.
  • Agree with Sustainable Faith doctrinal statement and Spiritual Directors International’s (SDI) code of ethics for practicing spiritual direction.
  • Complete an application process which includes a written questionnaire about training, ministry experience,  spiritual practices, etc., provision of references, and an interview with a Sustainable Faith leader.
  • Consent to a background check.
  • Regularly see a spiritual director, preferably on a monthly basis.*
  • At least quarterly, participate in supervision, either individual or group.
  • Provide proof of liability insurance as a practicing spiritual director.
  • Sign the indemnity agreement. (See bottom of application)
  • Pay an annual fee of $125 which includes one supervision session with a SF supervisor.

*It is acceptable to adopt a rhythm of two months of spiritual direction; one of supervision.

You can also download or print a PDF of these instructions.