Sustainable Faith



Sustainable Faith is a collective of pastors and spiritual directors working to create spiritually healthy cultures among leaders and their communities.


Our mission is to provide pastors, nonprofit leaders and churches with the personal resources they need to flourish in their work. We help them discern and live out their respective callings & missions faithfully, joyfully and sustainably.

To this end we host retreats, nurture conversations of consequence, accompany leaders, train spiritual directors, and help faith communities pursue what matters from the wellspring of contemplative life.


Our vision is nothing short of the reformation of the church in the 21st century. We long for new, alternative communities of faith that express the life of Jesus in compelling, winsome and needful ways. This is our small offering.


We value slow work over fast work. We prefer to be drawn rather than driven. We place greater weight on desire than on duty, knowing that it carries us farther. Working alongside others as co-learners is more helpful than working over them as consultants. We’re convinced that reflection, self-awareness and discernment are more needed than ever. We were made to be together and do life together. Amen.