The Convent is currently in a season of rest, and not open for reservations. Click here for more information.


Breaking away for a few days from your normal setting and routines in order to rest and gain perspective is one of the wisest things you can do for yourself. Without pausing to reflect on the direction of your life — and doing that in a rested state! — good course corrections are hard to come by. Retreats give you the place, space, and time to think soberly about your life: to interpret it and then reinterpret it for the better.


We opened in 2008, and about 400 people took advantage of The Convent in Norwood OH for retreats of all kinds: individual and group, guided and unguided. Since then we’ve averaged around 650 guests each year. We’d be honored if you came through our doors in 2013. Enjoy a clean, quiet, beautiful (and affordable!) space as you catch up on rest and take stock of what matters most.

While here you can also take advantage of massage, healing prayer, life coaching, and spiritual direction.

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School of Spiritual Direction

Registration now open for fall cohorts.
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Get away from your normal environment and rest in the heart of a welcoming community.
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