Twelve years ago Vineyard Central had the grace to buy an old Catholic parish property on the west side of Norwood — a declining part of central Cincinnati. Along with the church building, parish hall and rectory came a convent that for 100+ years was populated by the Sisters of Charity. It has 5,000+ sq. ft. of living space, 9 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 adjoining dining rooms and a living room. We recently renovated the space to make it even more welcoming. Every year we receive hundreds of people for overnight stays, retreats, spiritual guidance, and fun.


When you’re with us, you’re in the geographical nexus of Vineyard Central, an urban network of house churches. During our brief time in this neighborhood we’ve seen significant social and spiritual change. We’ve also come to appreciate ancient, historic expressions of faith as well as modern ones, so you’ll find many among us who are conversant in practices like the liturgy of the hours and other monastic practices.

We happen to be blessed with artists, musicians, writers, poets and artisans who have helped us see beauty, creativity and innovation as profoundly important. That penchant for creativity and beauty has spilled over into writing fresh music, buying and restoring homes, setting a nice dinner table, picking up litter, establishing The Speckled Bird Cafe (a beautiful neighborhood cafe) and other similar enterprises.

Your primary hosts for these retreats are Dave and Jody Nixon — but you’re really being hosted by Vineyard Central. Within a few block radius of the church property are dozens and dozens of people who have made Norwood, Ohio their home. So our own home is deeply embedded in an expanding network of homes and ministries that make up Vineyard Central.


School of Spiritual Direction

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Get away from your normal environment and rest in the heart of a welcoming community.
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